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Transition - The Exhibition

The exhibition „Transition“ shows sensual and artistic photographs of cancer survivors.

Impressive photographs with their added stories of the women should inspire
an open discussion about coping with cancer.

The exhibition will be shown national and international in clinics and self-help organsiations. It includes a vernissage with the artist and his models, as well
as a finissage and a guided tour with the artist. Accompanied by a illustrated
book and a slide show with extra pictures from the shootings.

Another aim of the exhibition is, that the guest clinic will sponsor a further
shooting for a cancer patient.

For bookings and further information:

Email: info@veraenderung.net

Phone: /+49-221-5008010



Quote Prof. Dr. Peter Mallmann, Director of the Women’s University Clinic, Cologne, Germany:

In a very sensitive way, the altered beauty of cancer patients is shown in this unique book. The intensity of these pictures will touch but should also inspire
and bring courage.


Quote Dr. R. Michael Voss, St. Marien Klinikum Amberg:

Impressive nude photographs of cancer survivors showing sharp as a knife, what was formerly protected by privacy. For the staff of this clinic this exhibition was a challenge, so far that our aim is always healing the body and to preserve physical integrity. Physical scars as proof of the invasive medical procedures are hard to integrate in our aesthetic understanding. Out of this reason the title of the exhibition „Transition“ is very appropiate. Only when there is a change in my own perception, there will be transition.


Quote Gerhard Zerbes, Photographer:

The photo shoots were a challenge for me because I knew how much courage these women had to summon up, and of course how much fear they had, when confronted with their weakened femininity.

It was consequently great to see how the shoots helped the women cope with their physical and emotional injuries.


Excerpts from the Guestbook at the Exhibition

Great respect to all the women that were courageous enough to proudly present their bodies, after their serious cancer illness!

Brilliant! Courageous! You’ve touched me and moved me to tears. Your vitality shines. I hope the Exhibition travels and thousands of women are able to see it. A great, encouraging and very, very moving exhibition that touched me. Thank you very much for the courage of these beautiful women.

I’m actually lost for words. So much Beauty, so much Courage, so much Vitality! Thank you for a great Exhibition!